Television Film

Milad finds himself in a mental  labyrinth after leaving behind his girlfriend during a frantic pursuit.

Chimère is a film by Kaweh Modiri and is realized within One Night Stand 12. An initiative of broadcasters NTR, VARA, VPRO and Dutch Cultural Mediafund, Netherlands Filmfund and CoBO fund.


  • Cast: Shahine E-Hamus, Renée Fokker, Matteo van der Grijn, Sonia Eijken
  • Director: Kaweh Modiri
  • Script: Kaweh Modiri
  • Producers: Frank Hoeve & Katja Draaijer
  • Commissioning Editors: Marina Blok, Joost de Wolf & Gemma Derksen
  • Broadcasters: NTR, BNNVARA & VPRO
  • Financiers: Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO
  • Length: 40 min.
  • Release: September 2017