Short Documentary

Swung back and forth between depression and euphoria, David Brown (29) has ended up in the umpteenth psychiatric facility. With stories and humor he tries to keep the madness at bay. Will he manage to stand on his own two feet again, or will he change into one of those ‘Valium zombies’ he only parodies right now?

AŸŸsylum is part of Teledoc Campus.

Festivals & Awards

Golden Calf
Best Documentary

Go Short!
Dutch Competition 2018

Voices of Experience Award
Scottish Mental Health
Arts Festival 2019


  • Directors: Jaap van Heusden & Jefta Varwijk
  • Producers: Katja Draaijer & Frank Hoeve
  • Commissioning Editor: Barbara Truyen
  • Broadcaster: VPRO
  • Financiers & Funds: Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO & Dutch Cultural Media Fund
  • Length: 25 min.