Television Film

The life of the single 51-year old teacher Lies is disrupted when a new girl arrives in her classroom. She’s confronted with a traumatic event from her past. Gradually, she develops a longing to take revenge for what’s been done to her.

Voor Emilia is realized within One Night Stand IX, an initiative by broadcasters VARA, VPRO and NTR and Mediafund, Filmfund and CoBO.

Festivals & Awards

Winner Dutch
Academy Award
Best Actress in TV Drama


  • Cast: Loes Schnepper, Susan Radder, Kuno Bakker
  • Director: Martijn Maria Smits
  • Original Screenplay: Thibaud Delpeut
  • Producers: Frank Hoeve & Katja Draaijer
  • Commissioning Editors: Marina Blok, Joost de Wolf, Robert Kievit
  • Broadcasters: NTR, VPRO, VARA
  • Financiers & Funds: Nederlands Filmfonds, Mediafonds, CoBO-Fonds
  • Length: 50 min
  • Release: Oktober 2014