Feature Film (co-production)

The hotel room as a place where everyone is a stranger. A place that is yours for just a moment. A temporarily intimate space entered by a maid in order to clean it while, if possible, not leaving a trace of her visit. Each episode of Stranger is set in such a place, and each is captured in one long take. Weaving together a series of episodic stories – some humorous and absurd, some poignant and mysterious – that all unfold within a seemingly confined space, Stranger explores the idea of home while being away from it, and sheds light on the distinctive yet universal experiences of isolation and loneliness.

Festivals & Awards

Karlovy Vary
International Film
Festival 2024

  • Script&Director: Zhengfan Yang
  • Producer: Shengze Zhu (Burn the Film, CN)
  • Co-producers: BALDR Film (NL), Norsk Filmproduksjon A/S (NO), Les Films de l’Après-Midi (FR)
  • Financiers & Funds: Hubert Bals Fund, Sørfund
  • Length: 90 min