Original Title: God op IJtje Short Documentary

In the Netherlands, every week a church is closing down. In the same time, a pastor goes by the doors of the highly modern Amsterdam suburb IJburg. But who will let him in?
Suburban God is a visually cunning portrait of a new housing estate, yielding a surprising view of the meaning of faith in the secular city.

Suburban God is  is realized within DOC25 in collaboration with broadcaster IKON.


  • Director: Elsbeth Fraanje
  • Script: Elsbeth Fraanje (research & advies Peter Franken)
  • Producers: Katja Draaijer & Frank Hoeve
  • Commissioning Editor: Barbara Wiessing
  • Broadcaster: IKON
  • Financiers & Funds: Dutch Cultural Media Fund
  • Length: 25 min.
  • Release: September 2013