Feature Film

Liam has a terrible childhood, is neglected and abused. He grows up being an adolescent with dark thoughts and actions. As a defence mechanism he shits himself. Because of his home situation, the Social Service places him in a closed institution, away from his parents, where he meets the supervisor Paulien. She seems to influence him positively. When Liam is raped in the institution, he no longer sees a way out and reckons his past in a sinister manner.

Skunk is based on a novel written by Geert Taghon.


  • Director: Koen Mortier
  • Screenwriter: Koen Mortier, based on the novel by Geert Taghon
  • Producers: Eurydice Gysel & Koen Mortier
  • Length: 100 min
  • Release: tba