Feature Film

37 years after her daughter Mitra was executed in Iran and she fled her home country, Haleh leads a successful life as a renowned academic in the Netherlands. Her peaceful existence is shaken by the arrival of a woman she believes may be the traitor responsible for Mitra’s death.

Festivals & Awards

Eurimages Co-production Development Award

Official Selection


  • Cast: Jasmin Tabatabai, Mohsen Namjoo, Shabnam Tolouei, Dina Zarif, Sallie Harmsen, Avin Manshadi, Aram Ghasemy
  • Screenwriter & Director: Kaweh Modiri
  • Producers: Frank Hoeve & Katja Draaijer, BALDR Film
  • Co-producers: IGC Films (DE), Snowglobe (DK)
  • Broadcaster: NTR
  • Financiers & Funds: Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Europe, Danish Film Institute, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, MDM, DFFF, Medienboard Berlin
  • Distribution NL: Cinéart
  • Length: 100 min
  • Release: April 2021