Short Film

Grand Tour is the portrait of a 16-year old girl who travels to an island for a nocturnal meeting with the first love of her life. Even though she feels herself seen by him and fantasizes about a future together, the morning shows the naked reality of their love and her true maturity is revealed.

Grand Tour
is part of Kort! by broadcaster NTR, Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund and CoBO Fund

Festivals & Awards

Corti Emergenti
Pop Corn: Festival del Corto 2018


  • Cast: Richelle Plantinga, Poal Cairo
  • Director: Floor Houwink ten Cate
  • Script: Floor Houwink ten Cate
  • Producers: Frank Hoeve & Katja Draaijer
  • Commissioning Editor: Marina Blok
  • Broadcaster: NTR
  • Financiers & Funds: Filmfonds, Mediafonds & CoBO
  • Length: 10 min.
  • Release: September 2016