Feature BROTHERS production supported


The feature film Brothers by screenwriter Marcel Roijaards and director Bram Schouw received production support.

The film is about two brothers who get separated after a roadtrip to France. While the youngest brother has to face the struggle with himself, life and love on his own, he slowly but surely abandons his charasmatic brother’s footsteps.

Brothers will be produced within “De Oversteek”; a collaboration between the Dutch Public Broadcaster, Netherlands Filmfund and Dutch Cultural Mediafund to support new talent with personal, distinctive arthouse films with an international potential.

The film is a production of BALDR Film in co-production with broadcaster NTR. Principle shooting will be in September 2015.
BALDR Film previously collaborated with Bram Schouw and Marcel Roijaards on the award-winning short film Sevilla. It was selected for more than 100 international filmfestivals and was announced to be in the worldwide top-10 films by Vimeo in 2014.