Bookrights bestseller JOE SPEEDBOOT sold to BALDR Film

The book rights of bestseller Joe Speedboot by Tommy Wieringa are sold to BALDR Film, this is reported by publisher De Bezige Bij. Jan Eilander (Layla M., Zusje van Katia) and Daniel Samkalden from Dr.Script will write the screenplay and director will be Sam de Jong (Prins, Goldie).
According to the publisher, the film contract has now been signed by all parties. The original version of the book (from 2005) alone has sold 400,000 copies, but the book has also been translated into several languages.

Wieringa gave his trust to the creative team: ,, It became clear from the conversations with the screenwriters that they have smart, good ideas to translate the story into images; very stimulating. The collaboration with director Sam de Jong also gives reason to hope for a film that is quirky, rich and grand. ”
Frank Hoeve from BALDR Film calls Joe Speedboot ‘a monumental novel and an ode to the imagination, the film will have to become just as iconic.’

For the official press release from publisher De Bezige Bij, follow this link.