ALONG THE WAY opening film IFFR 2022

We are delighted to announce that Along the Way by Mijke de Jong will open the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022 on January 26th.

Fleeing to Europe, twin sisters Zahra and Fatima lose their family during an ambush at the border between Turkey and Iran. In the upheaval, they run in the wrong direction and end up back in Iran. Forced to fend for themselves, not knowing who to trust, they make a second perilous attempt to reach Europe. Struggling to survive, they are confronted with tough choices and moral dilemmas, taking a toll on their symbiotic relationship and conscience.

Established Dutch filmmaker and IFFR-regular Mijke de Jong based the film on the experiences of Nahid and Malihe Razaie (Zahra and Fatima), whom she met during her film workshops for young refugees in Moria Camp, Lesbos. Along the Way is emotional and compassionate, yet cleverly avoids sentimentality and transcends the politically correct, leaving plenty of room for the viewer’s own interpretation and thoughts. Like the impeccable twin sisters, the entire cast is made up of refugees, awaiting their opportunity to enter the ‘Fortress of Europe’, to find safety.

Along the Way is written by Jolein Laarman, Jan Eilander and Mijke de Jong. The film is produced by Frank Hoeve and Katja Draaijer for BALDR Film, in co-production with Heretic and public broadcasters VPRO and HUMAN as part of Telefilm by CoBO.
The film will be released in The Netherlands by September Film early 2022.