3 nominations for HORIZON at de TV-beelden

Horizon, directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and written by Jaap Peter Enderlé (original script and idea: Willem Hietkamp), is nominated in 3 categories at de TV-beelden 2017;
Best Television Film
Best Actor by Susan Radder
Best Supporting Actor by Tijn Docter

The winners will be announced on the 28th of March!
You can find all the other nominees here.

Horizon is directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and the film is about fiery 16-year old Lieke who just lost her mother. Despite her grief, Lieke finds healing in the swimming pool where, as a great diving talent, she enjoys the training sessions with her coach Jorg. Lieke is managing fine. Until Jorg decides to train an additional girl. Jealous Lieke tries to keep herself in check, but slowly but surely she loses control over herself. In the chaos she unleashes, Lieke becomes the girl everyone is so afraid of, most of all she herself.

 is realized within One Night Stand XI, an initiative by broadcasters VARA, VPRO and NTR and Dutch Cultural Mediafund, Filmfund and CoBO. During the Netherlands Film Festival 2016, Horizon won the Colden Calf for best Television Drama.